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March 29, 2019

Broodstock demand goes up in Crimea

The demand for broodstock is on the rise in Crimea in light of efforts by Russian authorities to develop the local aquaculture industry and to mitigate the negative impact on the environment resulting from the construction of the Crimean Bridge.

India gets new multispecies hatchery

India has launched two hatcheries in the latter half of 2018, which will serve to help support the industry in a variety of fashions.

Russian investors to build US$28.7M Atlantic salmon farm

A group of investors in Russia are getting on the RAS bandwagon with the planned construction of a land-based Atlantic salmon production facility in the Vologda Oblast.

Collaboration boosts South American breeding programs

Fish breeders in Brazil stand to benefit from a recent collaboration between the Aquaculture Centre of Sao Paulo State University and a genetics-based research group at Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Holding the blueprints for pumping innovation

While its original business was built around a proprietary seal technology, MDM Inc, based out of Colorado Springs, is continuing to provide the aquaculture industry with effective non corrosive pumping options. Applications in saltwater, brackish water and freshwater demonstrate the versatility of the company’s line of pumps which are easy to maintain, highly efficient and give great ROI while maintaining low cost of ownership for aquaculture industry professionals. Hear what the industry had to say at the WAS event in Las Vegas.
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Shellfish restoration effort success linked to reef design

The success of an eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) and hooked mussel (Ischadium recurvum) restoration effort in Chesapeake Bay has been credited to the “complex architectural design of a concrete modular reef” and its location. » Read more

Testing out substrate for trout

Salmonids lay their eggs in gravel redds for a reason, yet the use of rearing substrate in salmon and trout hatcheries, is not a common practice. Hatchery personnel at the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC (FFSBC), on the west coast of Canada, have recently quantified the benefits of using substrate for early rearing of trout. » Read more

RAStech 2019

May 13-14, 2019 » Read more

Aqua Nor

August 20-23, 2019 » Read more