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April 5, 2019

North America's first tuna hatchery

The global popularity of tuna consumption has resulted in overfishing of wild tuna species, such as the Pacific bluefin tuna, which is now at just three percent of its original population. To address this challenge, a collaborative effort is developing sustainable solutions to bolster the tuna supply.

Focus on hatchery, live feed technologies at RAStech 2019

Get a seat at the table to discuss hatchery and live feed technologies at the RAStech 2019 Conference being held in Washington, DC May 13–14.

Bangladeshi shrimp industry to receive boost from European market

A multi-year memorandum of understanding was signed by the Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation and Dutch animal breeding company Hendrix Genetics to share knowledge in the development of black tiger shrimp production in Bangladesh.

NaturalShrimp to speed up production with new water treatment systems

Dallas, Texas-based aquaculture company NaturalShrimp’s order for two additional EC shrimp water treatment systems have arrived at its Lacoste, Texas facility, near San Antonio, the company announced on Thursday.
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Holding the blueprints for pumping innovation

While its original business was built around a proprietary seal technology, MDM Inc, based out of Colorado Springs, is continuing to provide the aquaculture industry with effective non corrosive pumping options. Applications in saltwater, brackish water and freshwater demonstrate the versatility of the company’s line of pumps which are easy to maintain, highly efficient and give great ROI while maintaining low cost of ownership for aquaculture industry professionals. Hear what the industry had to say at the WAS event in Las Vegas.
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Examining alternative protein options for fish feed

As global aquaculture production continues to increase, demand is surpassing supply of fishmeal from capture fisheries. Researchers are now looking at plant-based alternatives to meet the growing demand for protein feeds. » Read more

Strengthening Thailand's shrimp farmers

Robins MacIntosh, senior vice-president of Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) in Thailand, talked about building shrimp aquaculture in Thailand, as his plenary address at the Aqua 2018 conference in Montpelllier, France. » Read more

RAStech 2019

May 13-14, 2019 » Read more

Aqua Nor

August 20-23, 2019 » Read more