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July 12, 2019

Philippines university develops fry counter for small-scale hatcheries

An automated fish fry counting machine’s selling points are built on its capacity for speed, accuracy and minimizing stress on the fry. A research team in the Philippines added another practical advantage by making the model very affordable as well.

Chinese tilapia farmer expands to shrimp

One of China's major tilapia farms, is shifting its focus to shrimp production and will be building production facilities in Thailand.

Hatchery International founder honoured at aquaculture conference

Peter Chettleburgh, the founder and former publisher of Hatchery International and Aquaculture North America, and fellow industry veteran and aquaculture research scientist Cyr Couturier, were honored by the Aquaculture Association of Canada at its annual conference for their contributions to the aquaculture industry.

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Climate change

Hatcheries face climate change consequence

Concerns around climate change are increasingly being felt in the aquaculture industry, ranging from how these changes affect natural fish reproduction to hatcheries’ ability to rear species effectively. One fisheries scientist is talking about mitigation measures to help hatcheries cope. » Read more

Dry spell: North American hatcheries dealing with drought

Droughts can be devastating disasters, with pronounced impacts on people, farming and ecosystems. The impacts can be doubly severe for water-based operations, such as hatcheries. » Read more

Aqua Nor

August 20-23, 2019 » Read more