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August 16, 2019

Til-Acqua International helps restore Mozambique hatchery after cyclone disaster

Last March, one of the worst cyclones to hit Africa and the Southern Hemisphere destroyed one of Mozambique’s first tilapia hatcheries. Five months later, the hatchery finds a new lease on life with the help of Til-Aqua International.

Quebec trout farms receive federal funding

A land-based rainbow trout farm and a not-for-profit brook trout breeder are the latest recipients of federal funding from the Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program.

Florida university gets funding boost for warm water finfish R&D

Florida Atlantic University has received US$2.4 million from the United States Department of Agriculture as part of the government’s initiative to improve domestic aquaculture production.

Texas company ‘revolutionizes’ shrimp farming

Commercial-scale shrimp farming has been pursued by many companies, with very few success stories. Spending years in the industry, Bill Williams has seen many companies come into existence, have some short-term success, but eventually fall into bankruptcy. That is why Natural Shrimp, based in Texas, U.S.A., has been a long-term effort, in order to ensure that all the potential kinks have been accounted for. » Read more

Don’t overlook oxygen purity

An often overlooked and extremely important monitoring point for any oxygen system where oxygen is generated onsite is oxygen purity. If you generate your own oxygen, then oxygen purity is paramount. All the flow and pressure in your system is for nothing if the purity is low. Despite its importance, many hatcheries fail to monitor and alarm the oxygen purity at all. » Read more

Aqua Nor

August 20-23, 2019 » Read more