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October 11, 2019
Reed Mariculture

Scottish researchers look for early CMS detection in salmon

A multi-stakeholder consortium in Scotland is developing an early warning system to fight one of the biggest issues in the salmon farming industry.

Video depicting fish mishandling puts Cooke Aquaculture in hot seat

The CEO of Cooke Aquaculture is responding to a new video that surfaced online depicting one of its farms alleged mishandling of fish, saying in a statement he is “disappointed and deeply saddened,” by what he saw on the video.

Japan university develops software for automated sorting

A software for mechanizing a portion of fingerling sorting has been developed in Japan, freeing up skilled workers from crucial but very time-consuming task.
Top 10 Under 40 
Top 10 Under 40

Arlen Taylor: Trout whisperer

As if managing five complex hatcheries is not enough, Arlen Taylor also serves as the go-to person for other farms that run into occasional troubles, be it another trout hatchery nearby, a barramundi RAS farm or a net-pen operation. In her spare time, Taylor also acts as industry lead for various government and non-government entities, including the committee writing the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farmed Fish in Canada. Learn More

Florida’s Seaventure hatchery takes on sustainable clam production

Florida’s shellfish farming industry has been thriving for decades. With clam production and, more recently, oysters now in full swing, the US state provides ideal water conditions with naturally warm temperatures, good salinity and high productivity levels, resulting in an abundant number of clams. » Read more

Walleye woes: Consistent egg supply key to commercialization

High-value fish such as Atlantic salmon, perch and walleye that can fetch three times the price of tilapia are attracting interest among aquaponic farmers. But for walleye, lack of regular egg supply prevents it from being farmed intensively, says Dr. Chris Hartleb of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. » Read more

70th Annual NWFCC

Dec. 3 – 5, 2019 » Read more