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November 1, 2019

Solar energy powers hatcheries

With heightened awareness of climate change, and consumers demanding sustainability and as little environmental footprint as possible, marrying renewable energy projects with hatcheries and other aquaculture operations makes perfect sense.

The ins and outs of live fish transit

The safe and effective transport of live seafood is a crucial part of the hatchery industry, from importing broodstock to transferring fish to other facilities and waterbodies as needed. What is involved in getting fish to their destinations in an optimal condition? Hatchery International spoke with several companies that provide live transport solutions to find out.

Innovative fish-free feed wins F3 Fish Oil Challenge

Two billion. That’s the estimated number of fish saved through the sale of Veramaris’ fish-free fish feed. And $200,000 is the prize money the company won in the recent “F3 Fish Oil Challenge.”
Top 10 Under 40 
Top 10 Under 40

Jill Voorhees: Evidence-based

In the world of aquaculture where knowledge connotes decades of experience in the industry, this young professional is already making a mark through her research and their practical hatchery applications with less than a decade under her belt. Learn More
UV disinfection

New UV disinfection system withstands harsh conditions

Xylem’s new UV disinfection system presents a solution for aquaculture farms in saltwater and other harsh water conditions. » Read more
Portable ultrasound

Portable ultrasound

IMV Imaging offers its bovine ultrasound system as a new solution for fish scanning. » Read more

70th Annual NWFCC

Dec. 3 – 5, 2019 » Read more