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November 8, 2019

Eyeing fish health

In the age of automation, real-time monitoring and data outputs, observing the fish is still a fundamental practice for assessing a tank of fish.

Canada developing new rules on animal handling, transport

Canada’s National Farmed Animal Care Council has begun work on a Farmed Finfish Code of Practice.

Bath immersion treatment for ova, fry approved in Canada

A company based in Prince Edward Island, Canada has obtained federal government approval for an all-natural product designed to produce healthier fish in aquaculture facilities.
Top 10 Under 40 
Top 10 Under 40

JP Hastey III: From the ground up

At a young age of 26, fresh out of graduate school, JP Hastey III founded an aquaculture company and built his very first hatchery. Nova Harvest, located in the coastal village of Bamfield in British Columbia, Canada, aims to be the top supplier of high-quality seed for Canada’s shellfish industry. Learn More
Feature Stories 
Tilapia production

Public-private partnership aims to boost tilapia production in Timor-Leste

There are high hopes for a new tilapia hatchery in East Timor in Southeast Asia, which not only promises to improve the livelihood of fish farmers but also ramp up aquaculture and food security in that region. » Read more
D.C. Booth

Preserving hatchery’s history for future

The past is present at the D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery and Archives in Spearfish, South Dakota, USA. The facility is dedicated to preserving images, documents and objects related to fisheries conservation. The archive is located at one of the oldest operating hatcheries in the U.S., which still produces trout. » Read more
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For RAS feeds to have the cleanest and most functional properties possible, they must be produced on precision technology. Ultimate control of the process, highly flexible ingredient selections and the widest range of species and feed performance are possible only on the dedicated line of Wenger RAS extrusion systems. Based on renown, first-class Wenger platforms, the new RAS extrusion systems have been specifically designed and fine-tuned for feed performance unmatched in the market. With a global network of process and service experts, Wenger has the equipment and know-how to allow you to be on the cutting edge of the quickly expanding RAS industry, regardless of size, location or species.

Find out more about High Performance RAS Feed Production
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Laboratory analysis and lab scale demonstrations highlight extrusion processing conditions critical for high performance RAS feed production

Physical characteristics of aqua feed pellets have always been important to farmers. For years, high expectations have centered around the requirements of consistent size (diameter), correct buoyance, pellet durability during transportation and handling, and longevity once placed in water, with the farmer’s eye and the fish’s consumption rate and efficiency being the top deciding factors on whether a feed’s performance was acceptable or not. » Read more