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November 22, 2019
RAStech House

Philippines seeks solutions to milkfish fry shortage

The volume of fry produced by the Philippine milkfish broodstock continues to drastically lag behind demand, resulting in importation of as much as 70 percent of the national requirement.

Suspects identified in Montana hatchery vandalism

Authorities in the state of Montana, USA, have identified two suspects believed to be responsible for a recent hatchery vandalism that killed around 30 fish last month, according to local news site KTVQ.

Dutch Yellowtail lands in Jonesport, Maine

Months of speculation were put to rest this week when Kingfish Zeeland finally announced that it intends to build a US$110 million land-based aquaculture facility in the town of Jonesport, in Washington County, Maine.
Top 10 Under 40 
Top 10 Under 40

Matteo Capodicasa: Chasing the dream

He left his home country to be with the fishes. As the hatchery manager for Keywater Fisheries in Sligo, Ireland, Matteo Capodicasa is responsible for the company’s production of juvenile Irish perch. His colleague describes his qualities ideal for the role of hatchery manager: attention to detail, patience, ruthlessness, enthusiasm and devotion to the species in his care. Learn More
Feature Stories 
Labour shortage

Labour shortage looms in Canada’s aquaculture sector: report

According to the Labor Market Forecast to 2029 released by the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council, there will be 600 fewer people in the aquaculture workforce over the next 10 years, leaving 470 more jobs than the domestic workforce could fill. Some of these workers, 36 percent, are projected to retire during the period. » Read more
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Laboratory analysis and lab scale demonstrations highlight extrusion processing conditions critical for high performance RAS feed production

Physical characteristics of aqua feed pellets have always been important to farmers. For years, high expectations have centered around the requirements of consistent size (diameter), correct buoyance, pellet durability during transportation and handling, and longevity once placed in water, with the farmer’s eye and the fish’s consumption rate and efficiency being the top deciding factors on whether a feed’s performance was acceptable or not. » Read more