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Oxyguard webinar

Russian authorities keen to end import dependence

Russian authorities are in talks with the aquaculture industry about potentially reducing the country’s reliance on imports for broodstock, fish feed and other aquaculture equipment, according to a source.

Study touts rapeseed oil for lumpfish diet

At the right ratio, rapeseed oil is an effective alternative for marine oils used in juvenile lumpfish diets, according to a recent study.
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InWater Technologies

Three reasons to have optimal DO levels while transporting fish

When it comes to transporting fish from the hatchery to a grow-out location, controlling DO levels is critical. A good oxygen monitoring system can control dissolved oxygen as needed and alarm in the event of a failure. Here are three of many reasons you should have a system on your fish transport truck:

  1. Transport tanks have a lower volume of water, no water exchange, and generally higher fish densities. Changes happen much more rapidly than in culture tanks or raceways. Controlling oxygen automatically can prevent fish loss.
  2. Stress factors during transport do not always cause immediate losses but may lead to poor survival rates later. Fish stress can be reduced with properly maintained DO levels.
  3. An oxygen monitoring system prevents technicians from having to climb up on the tank with a handheld meter while stopped on the side of the road. This is often considered to be one of the more dangerous jobs of a hatchery technician.

Find out more about the InWater monitoring system for live fish transport trucks, please visit www.inwatertech.com or send you questions to info@inwatertech.com
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New signs of hope for Sockeye salmon restoration

Water is a sacred element to the Syilx people. They believe that the Okanagan River holds within it a sacred connection to the stories of their ancestry, their descendants and their land. So when Sockeye salmon finally returned to Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada, for the first time in more than 50 years, more than a few tears were shed for this historic moment. » Read more
Tropical Marine Center

From wood to food

A new scientific study commissioned by Arbiom has presented promising results for its wood-derived protein ingredient for Rainbow trout feed. » Read more

New BioSystems lighting with dimmable LED

BioSystems has launched an ultra low-level dimming light system for early stage hatchery applications. » Read more

Centralized pre-grow fish feed system

FishFarmFeeder has a new addition to its aquaculture line-up to centralize your pre-growing feeding system. » Read more
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April 12 - 15, 2021
Virtual Event
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RAS Investors’ Forum

June 9, 2021
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