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Tropical Marine Center

Top trends in hatchery technology

We’ve identified some emerging tech applications for hatchery operations that promise increased benefits with adoption.

Study finds microalgae, biomass blend beneficial for tilapia

Researchers have found that a microalgal-based diet blended with defatted biomass improved fish growth and offered a cost-effective alternative feed for tilapia growers.
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InWater Technologies

Three reasons to have automatically monitor/control DO levels while transporting fish

  1. Water quality can deteriorate quickly in transport tanks because of lower volumes of water, no water exchange, and generally higher fish densities.
  2. Stress on fish may lead to poor survival rates later.
  3. It can be dangerous to take measurements with a handheld meter.

Controlling oxygen automatically can prevent fish loss, as well as reduce the stress on the fish. Find out more about the InWater monitoring system for live fish transport trucks, please visit www.inwatertech.com or send you questions to info@inwatertech.com
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Orkney Shellfish Hatchery thinks inside the Box

Scotland hatchery is on a mission to save and restore populations of European native flat oysters, developing and adapting an innovative system that holds significant potential for shellfish farming. » Read more

Promoting sustainable seafood

Bridging the gap between seafood producers and consumers is key to pushing the agenda of sustainability in the aquaculture industry. In this episode, hosts Brian Vinci and Mari-Len De Guzman speak with sustainable seafood advocate Jennifer Bushman about some of the practical and meaningful ways seafood producers can engage their consumers. » Listen now

Hunger games

Feeds are a critical component of any RAS production environment – it can make or break the health of both fish and systems. This episode provides a variety of perspectives when it comes to fish feeds in closed containment, land-based aquaculture. Co-hosts Mari-Len De Guzman and Brian Vinci hash out the details of diets made for RAS. » Listen now
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Featured Webinar 

A key component to successful aquaculture production lies at the heart of broodstock management. This free webinar features a discussion on broodstock management innovation and key recommendations from industry experts. » Watch the webinar

Ace Aquatec

RAS Investors’ Forum

June 9, 2021
Virtual Event
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Aquaculture America 2021

Aug. 11-14, 2021
San Antonio, Texas, USA
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