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Kazakhstan greenlit subsidies on broodstock purchases

The Kazakh Ecology Ministry has approved a draft decree under which fish farmers can get a 50 per cent reimbursement for the costs of broodstock in 2022. These new measures are part of an ambitious aquaculture development program embarked on by the Kazakh government in 2020. The main goal of which is to ramp up the domestic farmed fish production from 7,000 tonnes in that year to 270,000 tonnes per year in 2030.

Graintec and ImpactMarine enter co-op for international land-based RAS facilities

Graintec and ImpactMarine have announced a strategic cooperation agreement for the development and construction of an international portfolio of land-based aquaculture facilities. The partnership will help speed up the development of ImpactMarine’s pipeline of controlled environment aquaculture business using recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology, which will allow the company to produce various species for distinct markets. For Graintec, the partnership will give the company an opportunity to expand the deployment of its RAS technology into new markets.

AquaBounty’s pre-construction milestones for 10,000 MT salmon farm have been achieved

AquaBounty Technologies, Inc. has announced the initiation of site preparations for the construction of the its planned 10,000 metric ton (MT) salmon farm in Pioneer, Ohio. In an AquaBounty press release, company CEO Sylvia Wulf expressed her enthusiasm about achieving critical pre-construction milestones, which will allow building to commence once the spring thaw has occurred. “The construction of roadways and onsite energy infrastructure, as well as the setting of surveyor’s benchmarks ahead of grading work, are underway as we speak.”
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Explore advances in modern aquaculture breeding programs

Our changing climate and growing population challenge the world’s food supply, especially in aquaculture, which is more prone to problems associated with climatic variability. Innovative scientists are turning to advanced genomic tools to enhance the production efficiency, sustainability, product quality and profitability of aquaculture. They’re partnering with LGC, Biosearch Technologies to help optimise their workflows for maximum genetic gain using a modern agrigenomic approach. » Learn more

U.S. study reveals cause of liver damage in largemouth bass juvenile

Full-fat black soldier fly prepupae (BSFP) supplementation in soybean meal lagged behind the performance of diet with defatted black soldier fly larvae (BSFL). BSFP supplementation significantly decreased feed intake, reduced intestinal villi length and caused some liver inflammation in the animal. Fish on diet with BSFL didn’t cause adverse pathologies in the livers. Excessive chitin content in BSFP could most likely be the factor here, according to the study conducted in the U.S. » Read more
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VIDEO: Filtration & Disinfection Solutions for Aquaculture

From land-based aquaculture to transporting fish in well-boats, highly controlled water conditions are critical for long-term, productive growth. Discover Evoqua’s range of disinfection and filtration systems which can be applied right across the aquaculture industry to ensure optimal conditions for fish health, improving yields and quality.

Click here to watch this video to learn more.

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Benchmark expands its genetics team

Benchmark Genetics is looking to strengthen its genetics team with two new hires. Dr. Grayzella Yoshida is the new senior geneticist that will be working at the company’s head office in Bergen, Norway. Hans Ekvall is the new junior geneticist. » Read more

Study identifies optimum parameters for transport of live Peruvian grunt

Pinning down parameters in transport of live Peruvian grunt (A. scapularis) juveniles has removed one of the choke points in furthering research on the new species for aquaculture development in Peru » Read more » Read more
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FAQs on improving aquaculture with UV and Ozone technology

Managing water quality and preventing disease from affecting your yields is a complicated process that can involve many different technologies and solutions. To help companies protect against waterborne infection and disease, Evoqua recently hosted a webinar dedicated to understanding and improving water quality in land-based hatcheries. In addition to sharing some expertise, Evoqua has compiled detailed answers to our eight most frequently asked questions when it comes to solutions the company can provide for the aquaculture industry. » Read more
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Aquaculture 2022

Feb. 28 - Mar. 4, 2022
San Diego, CA, USA
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Aquaculture Africa 2021

Mar. 25-28, 2022
Alexandria, Egypt
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RAStech 2022

Mar. 30-31, 2022
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA
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Aquaculture UK 2022

May 3-5, 2022
Aviemore, Scotland
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