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Papain for juvenile sterlet in Poland

A pathogenic bacteria challenge test, a key indicator of fish health status, highlighted the benefits of papain in juvenile sterlet health welfare in a study in Poland. Papain dietary supplementation increased sterlet survival following the challenge test.

AquaMaof and Atacama Yellowtail partner for 900-tonne yellowtail kingfish RAS facility

AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies has signed its first contract in Chile with Atacama Yellowtail SpA (AYT), for the cultivation and production of 900 tonnes of yellowtail kingfish ( Tongo Bay, located in the Coquimbo Region. The project’s initial investment was US$25 million, with construction of the facility expected to begin during the second half of 2022, delivering the first harvests to the market in Q4 of 2024.

BioMar considers microalgae a non-niche ingredient

BioMar’s Brande, Denmark facility has significantly scaled up its inclusion of microalgae into its raw material portfolio, which will elevate BioMar’s sustainability criteria, as microalgae contributes to a reduced dependency on wild fish stocks.

Cargill-chartered bulk carrier hit by “bomb or grenade” as it leaves Odessa, Ukraine

Cargill’s three-year-old 61,000-tonne ‘Yasa Jupiter’ was hit on Thursday, Feb. 24 by a projectile after leaving port city Odessa in Ukraine, which is one of the war-torn country’s largest port cities. A Cargill spokesperson has confirmed none of the crew were injured.
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VIDEO: Filtration & Disinfection for Aquaculture

From RAS to transporting fish in well-boats, highly controlled water conditions are critical for long-term, productive growth. Discover how Evoqua’s range UV, Ozone, and Filtration system technologies can be applied across the aquaculture industry to achieve optimal water conditions, while ensuring sustainable operations for fish health and improving your yields and quality. Weather you’re looking to maximize the efficiency of your RAS system or improve the hygiene of your Evoqua’s leading solutions help boost the performance of the aquaculture industry. » watch video

Cedar Crest Trout Farms pivots its business model and turns tragedy into triumph

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many businesses very hard, especially small businesses. Family-owned businesses like Cedar Crest Trout Farms found their world turned upside down and their business in jeopardy as restrictions hit and order cancellations poured in. Stuck with thousands of fish with no destination and staring at a huge loss of revenue, Arlen and RJ Taylor, owners of the second-generation farm, forged this disaster into an opportunity for new success. » Read more
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Explore advances in modern aquaculture breeding programs

Our changing climate and growing population challenge the world’s food supply, especially in aquaculture, which is more prone to problems associated with climatic variability. Innovative scientists are turning to advanced genomic tools to enhance the production efficiency, sustainability, product quality and profitability of aquaculture. They’re partnering with LGC, Biosearch Technologies to help optimise their workflows for maximum genetic gain using a modern agrigenomic approach. » Learn more

Xelect and Australis announce game-changing gain from trial

For aquaculture producers, feed is commonly the largest single expense, typically representing more than two-thirds of total production costs. Looking to find innovative ways to improve feed conversion efficiency, Vietnam-based barramundi producers Australis Aquaculture partnered with Xelect in 2018, and have been running an advanced genetics-backed breeding program. The two companies have now announced there's a high correlation between fasting tolerance and conversion efficiency, which suggests significant gains. » Read more

Aquaculture Courses offers 15 fully funded scholarships for M.Sc. in sustainable aquaculture

Aquaculture Courses and the University of St Andrews in Scotland are currently offering 15 fully funded CSC scholarships to obtain an M.Sc. in sustainable aquaculture, with the pre-application window open from Feb. 15 to Apr. 5, 2022. The full CSC scholarships, which cover all tuition fees for the two-year distance learning masters in sustainable aquaculture are open to students living in certain Commonwealth countries. » Read more » Read more
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FAQs on improving aquaculture with UV and Ozone technology

Managing water quality and preventing disease from affecting your yields is a complicated process that can involve many different technologies and solutions. To help companies protect against waterborne infection and disease, Evoqua recently hosted a webinar dedicated to understanding and improving water quality in land-based hatcheries. In addition to sharing some expertise, Evoqua has compiled detailed answers to our eight most frequently asked questions when it comes to solutions the company can provide for the aquaculture industry. » Read more
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Aquaculture 2022

Feb. 28 - Mar. 4, 2022
San Diego, CA, USA
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Aquaculture Africa 2021

Mar. 25-28, 2022
Alexandria, Egypt
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RAStech 2022

Mar. 30-31, 2022
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA
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