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Nofima investigates genetic factors influencing salmon's resistance to sea lice

Scientists at Nofima are studying the genetic mechanisms that affect salmon’s resistance to lice. The scientists will test which genes can affect whether salmon can repel lice infestation and look at what happens exactly where the lice attach themselves to the salmon and the importance of genes in stopping the lice.

Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana appeals for support after devastating dam spillage

Hundreds of Ghana’s cage fish farmers are counting losses following a devastating impact of the water spillage from the Akosombo Dam, along Volta Lake.  Volta Lake is the country’s artificial lake in the South-Eastern region. The increased water flow in the Volta River has led to flooding in low-lying areas and more than 26,000 individuals have been displaced by these floods.

Cause of massive summer mortality in New Zealand’s Greenshell mussels identified

Coinfections by pathogens, Photobacterium swingsii and Vibrio mediterranei, cause high mortality in New Zealand’s Greenshell (Perna canaliculus), according to a New Zealand study. In the experiments, juvenile and adult injected with both pathogens resulted in zero survival. Juvenile died at the fastest rate, with nil survival at 48 hours post-challenge (hpc).

Featured Story 

Morocco’s force for change

Morocco’s government has decided that it needs to urgently address the growing impacts of climate change. With the help of both private companies and global organizations, it is now working to develop an inclusive and resilient blue economy (BE). » Read More...
Hatchery 101 

Hatchery 101 continues for 2024

As climate change continues to intensify, concrete solutions for the industry to adapt become more urgent. Hatchery 101 on sustainability continues with 2024 dates to tackle important issues faced in the fisheries and aquaculture industries around the world. » Read More...

Hatchery 101: Waste management

In order to protect the natural resources that drive hatchery production, hatcheries must implement clear and conscious waste management protocols. Host Ben Normand continues Hatchery International‘s four-part series on sustainability with a panel of experts who can share best practices that ensure the future health of the environment. » Read More...



Sea Farmers 2024 Conference

Jan. 25, 2024
Hotel Halifax, Halifax
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Aquaculture America 2024

Feb. 18-21, 2024
San Antonio, Texas, USA
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