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Kivu Choice Fish Farm breaks ground for factory site

Kivu Choice, a Rwandan fish farm company, has broken ground for the construction of its factory aimed at producing 20,000 tonnes annually as part of its development strategy and expansion to new markets from neighbouring countries. 

Study shows benefits of Krill meal on Nile tilapia

A recent study by LABOMAR (the Marine Sciences Institute in Brazil), Spring Genetics Tilapia in Miami, and Aker BioMarine Antarctic AS, has shown that the inclusion of krill meal in Nile tilapia diets resulted in positive effects on their reproductive performance and higher survival of larvae.


High accuracy, control and precision feeding

Versatility and dose feeding accuracy remains an integral part of any fish hatchery operation. MiraFeed, designed and manufactured by Innovaqua in Spain, offers hatchery managers the latest feeding solutions to handle various feed types, from 50 microns to 10mm pellets.
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Hatchery Hack: Should you invest in your own breeding program?

It is no secret that breeding has been the key to a worldwide aquaculture boom, especially for salmon. Aquaculture species can now grow faster, are more disease-resistant, use fewer resources, and are potentially healthier than their wild counterparts. » Read More...

Spawning breakthrough in Australia's Murray River

The Australian river blackfish (Gadopsis marmoratus) has long been the subject of debate amongst the scientific community. There is even conjecture that it may not belong in the family Gadopsidae and should be listed as a member of the temperate water perch family, Percichthyidae. » Watch webinar

Conservation partnership releases Arctic grayling into Michigan lakes

The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative is well underway with record numbers being stocked in the state’s lakes. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently reported that three Michigan lakes were stocked with Arctic grayling in November 2023. » Read More...

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Aqua Farm 2024

May 14-17, 2024
Gold Coast, Australia
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June 5-6, 2024 Charlotte, NC, USA »

Aqua Next 2024

June 11-13, 2024
Stavanger, Norway
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