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A message from our sponsor
Happy New Year to the F & B and allied industries!
Complimentary Hygienic Design Enclosure for supreme protection
With Rittal enclosures, you've come to expect high standards, precision engineering and exact NEMA and IP ratings you require. However, in really harsh environments such as the Food & Pharma industry, our hygienic design enclosures offer numerous advantages over conventional enclosures:
  • Rapid cleanability: 30° sloping roof, gap free blue silicon seal, stainless steel parts permit rapid cleaning
  • Reduced downtimes: 40% time is spent on standard cleaning procedures and wash-downs
  • Increased Productivity & Sales: Workers can achieve more, customers' health is protected, leading to more ROI
Hygienic Design Fall Promo up to Feb 28, 2018
In harsh environments, traditional enclosures may fail to provide the required levels of protection. Contact us today to discuss how our HD solutions can work for you!

*Qualified sites receive a no-obligation HD demo enclosure
...So you can experience the benefits, cost-savings and protection of Rittal's HD solutions first-hand! Click here to download our HD promotion!
Sweet Nestlé story
Read how Nestlé and Rittal partnered to utilise HD solutions for a Win-Win situation! Read the 'sweet' story!

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