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Flow Pressure Level Temperature Accessories
NBK-M - Economical Mini Bypass Level Indicator
The NBK-M provides many of the unique features of our standard NBK Series bypass level indicators, but at a fraction of the cost. Similar to the full-sized NBK Series, the NBK-M level indicator uses KOBOLD’s ring magnet float design, allowing the user full flexibility in adding roller indicators, switches and other options almost anywhere on the periphery of the bypass tube. The use of lighter gauge materials and a streamlined manufacturing process makes it a very economical choice for lower pressure and short length level measuring applications.

NBK-M: Compact, Economical Level Indicator

Max. Measuring Length: 9.8 Feet
Max. Temperature: 390 °F
Max. Pressure: 580 PSIG
Max. Viscosity: 200 cSt
Fittings ½"...1" NPT, ½"...1" ANSI or DIN Flanges
Transducer Accuracy Max. ± 0.04"
• Features of Standard NBK at a Fractional Cost
• Economical Choice for Lower Pressure and Shorter Length Applications
• Quick Delivery
• Optional Switches, Transmitters, Scales
• 316 SS Tube and Fittings
• Titanium Float
• Polypropylene or Ceramic Rolers
• Optional Vent Plugs, Drain Valves, and Flanges
• Optional SPDT High Temperature Contact

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