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A message from our sponsor
ABB has appointed Benchmark as Channel Partner for their market leading Continuous Gas Analyzers, FTIR & FT-NIR Analyzers, Lab & Process Spectrometers, and CEM Systems.

With the addition of these products, BENCHMARK is now your source for the most complete offering of analytical products in Western Canada. This includes:
  • Continuous Gas Analyzers
  • FTIR and FT-NIR for Emissions and Process Measurements
  • Gas Chromatographs
  • Multiwave Photometer Analyzers
  • Reid Vapor Pressure Analyzers
  • Laboratory and Process Spectrometers
BENCHMARK offers high-quality products, services, and expertise for Analytical Solutions. With a competent knowledge base and depth of resources, we provide a full suite of analytical resources.

Whether your application is for process measurement or emissions monitoring, our extensive experience providing fully integrated systems in the most difficult applications will be an asset to you and your firm. We believe in working with our customers to build long-term relationships in a spirit of trust.

BENCHMARK is also pleased to represent the following world-class industrial manufacturers in Western Canada:

Durag Environmental Monitoring
Gestra Steam Systems
Madur Portable Combustion Analyzers

For more information about ABB or our other products & services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to working with you and exploring the many ways that we can help you with some of the challenges you face in your process.

To learn more about BENCHMARK, visit: