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Hazardous Location
Cabinet Cooler® Systems

spacer EXAIR Hazardous Location Cabinet Cooler System

EXAIR's Hazardous Location Cabinet Coolers are specifically designed to cool control panel cabinets that must be purged and pressurized in hazardous environments. HazLoc Cabinet Coolers require only a small amount of compressed air to maintain a constant temperature in NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X enclosures. Since they are constructed of sturdy aluminum (316 stainless steel available) and have no moving parts, they are very reliable. HazLoc Cabinet Coolers were rigorously tested by UL, are UL Classifed and are approved for use in many hazardous environments (see for a complete list of Classes).


Sanitary Flange
Line Vac™

spacer EXAIR Sanitary Flange Line Vac

EXAIR's Sanitary Flange Line Vac connects to standard clamp style flange fittings to create a powerful in-line conveyor in systems that require frequent cleaning. They are constructed of Type 316 stainless steel to withstand high heat and corrosive washdowns. All EXAIR Line Vacs pass a small amount of compressed air through directed nozzles to move large volumes of material over long distances. All have large throat diameters to allow for the highest volume throughput. They have no impellers to clog or electric motors to fail. Manufactured in standard sizes to fit: 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", and 3" flanges.


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Soft Grip
Super Air Scraper™

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If you've ever had something like factory floor marking tape or old gasket material that you've spent a long time trying to remove, you'll appreciate EXAIR's Soft Grip Super Air Scraper! It combines a sturdy, corrosion resistant scraping blade with a powerful blast of compressed air from EXAIR's 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle to help lift off stubborn, stuck on material.

The whole system comes with EXAIR's cast aluminum Soft Grip Super Air Gun and 2" Flat Super Air Scraper. Chip Shields and nozzle extensions (6" through 72" long) are also available.


White Paper:
End Costly Downtime!

spacer EXAIR Safety Air Guns

Electronic controls are used in almost every aspect of production and creating those products is often hot and dusty. Just like your employees, those sensitive electronics will stop performing at their best as temperatures go up and processes become bogged down. Drawing in factory air to cool the panel will only make matters worse as hot air and dust is blown onto the electronics, making them overheat even quicker.

Download this white paper to learn how EXAIR's compressed air powered Cabinet Cooler® Systems can help increase production uptime!


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