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Exair: How-to Videos
EXAIR Has a Huge Library of Instructional Videos!
Have you ever wondered how EXAIR products work? Need help installing a product? We have help for you...
How to Change Shims on a Super Air Amplifier — EXAIR's Super Air Amplifier is designed with the capability to adjust force & flow with the installation of shims of different thickness. In this video, Lee will show you how easy it is to make the change! Shims

Shims How to Change Shims on a Super Air Knife — Like Super Amplifiers, EXAIR's Super Air Knives are designed to make it easy to modify force and flow with the addition or subtraction of shims. Neal will show you the tools and give you tips for making that modification in this video.

Super Air Wipe Demonstration — If you need to clean, cool, or dry an extruded shape, wire, tubing, or pipe, check out this video to see Jordan demonstrate how EXAIR's Super Wipe is the perfect solution to your problem! Demo

Caps Changing Air Caps on an Atomizing Nozzle — one of the great features of EXAIR's Air Atomizing Nozzles is the ability to change the nozzle's pattern by simply switching out the air cap. In this video, John will give you step-by-step instructions to make the change.

Cabinet Cooler Identification — Because EXAIR's Cabinet Cooler Systems are ruggedly built and require little or no maintenance once they're installed, they tend to last a long time. This can sometimes make it difficult to identify which model you actually have when it comes time to perform maintenance or upgrade. In this video, Russ will help you find the characteristics that identify your Cabinet Cooler model. Cabinet

Vortex Adjusting a Vortex Tube — One of the most interesting features of a vortex tube is its ability to simultaneously generate both cold air from one end and hot air at the other. In this video, Dave will show you how easy it is to adjust output temperatures with the simple turn of a screw!
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