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The key to increased productivity
September 2020
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Get digital. Now
What are the advantages of digitalized automation? How can you benefit from it? Using digitalization can bring about scalable solutions while making it easy to get started with a clear plan for the future. Precise reproducibility is key to making your processes more reliable, while increasing your productivity. Condition monitoring opens up new possibilities for energy-efficient production. In this eNewsletter, learn how digitalization is the key to increased productivity.
Saving energy made easy
Compressed air systems hold enormous energy saving potentials. The only question is how you can use them conveniently and efficiently. Here is the answer: the MSE6-E2M energy efficiency module from Festo monitors and controls the compressed air supply in your systems - both new and existing ones. So you can get started right away.

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Ideal Predictive Analytic Tool
  IO-Link is the first worldwide standardized IO technology (IEC 61131-9) for communication with sensors and actuators. In a predictive analytic environment, the correct IO-Link device for the condition monitoring need is an ideal predictive analytic tool. There are a host of additional installation and commissioning advantages not covered here that make IO-Link fast, easy, and cost effective to apply.

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