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Keeping production processes cool saves time & money!
Don't blow a fan into an open enclosure!
Fans blow hot, humid, dirty air into sensitive electronic controls. It's an OSHA violation that presents a shock hazard to personnel.
You can stop electronic downtime with an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler System! Engineered for durability and ease of use, they have no moving parts to wear out and they mount to your enclosure in minutes through an ordinary electrical knockout. The complete line of low cost Cabinet Cooler Systems are in stock and available to ship today.
spacer EXAIR Cabinet Cooler System

Cabinet Cooler® System

Sensitive electronic controls are not compatible with the high temperatures and dusty environments of most factories. They are often placed in an enclosure to mitigate the dust intrusion, but that still leaves the heating problem. It's a high priority to find a solution since overheated controls can lead to nuisance tripping, circuit drift, or even a complete failure of the system. EXAIR's compressed air powered Cabinet Cooler Systems are engineered to keep controls both dust-free and cool. Using a small amount of compressed air, they produce a cool, clean flow of air that will maintain proper operating temperature and create a positive enclosure pressure to help keep out dust and dirt. Models available for NEMA 12 (IP54), 4 (IP66), and 4X (IP66) enclosures.

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EXAIR Cold Gun Aircoolant Systems spacer

Cold Gun Aircoolant System™

Instead of messy and expensive mist cooling systems, EXAIR's Cold Gun converts compressed air into a focused stream of cold air that's ideal for cooling parts and tooling during machining operations. The Cold Gun produces a stream of clean, cold air at 50°F (28°C) below supply air to keep parts cool, clean, and dry — an invaluable tool for machining a wide range of plastics, hard metals and other materials that may become contaminated when using traditional coolants or oils. Cold Guns have a quick mount magnetic base and flexible cold air outlet that make it easy to position for optimal cooling and debris removal.

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spacer EXAIR Super Air Amplifier

Super Air Amplifier™

Ideal for moving large volumes of air to draw out dust or fumes or to cool or dry larger spaces and parts, Super Air Amplifiers are able to multiply their outlet flow by up to 25 times the supplied compressed air!

Super Air Amplifiers have no moving parts, assuring maintenance-free operation. Both the vacuum and discharge end can be ducted, allowing for optimal positioning on the application. They are available in outlet diameters from 3/4" (19mm) all the way up to 8" (203mm).

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EXAIR Super Air Knife spacer

Super Air Knife™

EXAIR's Super Air Knife very efficiently produces a quiet, hard-hitting curtain of air for cleaning, drying and cooling on webs or conveyors. Both compressed air usage and noise are dramatically lower than other blowoffs. To provide edge-to-edge cleaning, it has been engineered to deliver a uniform sheet of laminar airflow across its entire length. Even at high pressures of 80 PSIG (5.5 BAR), the sound level is surprisingly quiet at 69 dBA for most applications — well below OSHA workday limits. Super Air Knives are available in stock lengths from 3" (76mm) to 108" (2743mm) in aluminum, Type 303 stainless steel, Type 316 stainless steel, and PVDF.

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