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This is the December 14, 2017 edition of Canada's Process Network's informative
e-newsletter. In each edition we offer process solutions and application information.


IM12 Cabinet Condition Monitor for Non-Hazardous Areas

TURCK Chartwell
Turck has announced the IM12-CCM (Cabinet Condition Monitor) cabinet guard, a device capable of monitoring moisture and temperature limits while also detecting incorrectly closed doors. As an added benefit, the device monitors unauthorized access to switch cabinets, providing protection against manipulation in compliance with IT security regulations. The slim 12.5 mm DIN-rail cabinet guard can be easily installed in existing switch cabinets due to its compact design. » Read More

Tundra Solutions

Efficiency Benefits of a Boiler System Upgrade

Tundra Solutions
With regular maintenance, a boiler can last 20 years or more, but it is likely operating well below the nominal efficiency of 80 percent. If the boiler pressure vessel is in good shape, consider upgrading the system to increase its efficiency and reduce ongoing operating costs. New developments in boiler controls and burners will enhance a system's performance and produce measurable efficiency gains that result in annual cost savings. Here are a few options to consider. » Read More


M-Pump - Air Operated Double Diaphram Pumps

Vissers Sales
M-PUMP has more than 30 years of professional & technical experience in Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps. The metallic product range offers a choice of aluminium or stainless steel with a range of 1/2” to 3” and a flow rate up to 950 L/Min. The plastic product range is available in Polypropylene and Kynar, with a range from 1/4" to 2” and a flow rate of up to 650 l/min. The pumps can handle pressures up to 8 Bar. The flanged inlet/outlet connections can be tapped for BSP or NPT. » Read More


Introducing the Latest Innovation from the Magnetrol® Think Tank

When you think about level measurement all day, amazing things happen. At Magnetrol®, we’re obsessed with level measurement because we know how important it is to your operations and your bottom line. And all of that level thinking has led to a smarter non-contact radar: the new 26GHz Pulsar® Model R86. It has smaller process connections, higher resolution, higher temperature ranges and MAGNETROL’s industry-leading advanced diagnostics to help minimize downtime. Get reliable, affordable measurement with the R86. » Read More


Germs Don’t Stand a Chance…

Samson Controls
Perfect hygiene is essential in the food industry; SAMSON's aseptic valves are manufactured to the highest requirements applicable to food processing. A perfect example is the 3347 hygienic angle control valve, designed to be free of dead space with a mirror finish and SIP/CIP compliant. » Read More

FDT Group

FDT Group - ICS Built-in Security in Today’s Connected Enterprise

FDT Group
ODVA, FDT Group cooperate on standards, tools that protect a connected company’s assets. Joint development builds security infrastructure. » Read More


Doing More to Keep Your Plant Running Safely

As many as 42 percent of safety incidents are due to errors that could have been prevented. That’s pressure – and Swagelok can help. In addition to our high-quality, rigorously-tested components, we offer hands-on assembly and installation training, as well as help with proper product selection. Helping your employees operate more safely and confidently – just one more way we’re engineered to perform under pressure. » Read More


Basics of Calibrating Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters used in the process industries are very durable and reliable instruments. Even so, they still require periodic maintenance and calibration to ensure optimal performance. As with most things in life, there is no “one size fits all” answer. However, there are simple best-practice guidelines, which can be modified to fit specific applications. This article helps answer the basic questions facing process plant personnel with regard to calibration. » Read More


Introducing the Associated Intrinsic Safety option for the THZ3 DIN model Temperature Transmitter

Moore Industries
Our Associated Intrinsic-Safety family just keeps getting better: Introducing the NEW Associated IS option for the THZ3 DIN-Rail model dual-input temperature transmitter. Now added to all the amazing features of the THZ3 is the ability to connect sensors located in Class I Div 1/Zone 0/1 hazardous areas directly to the THZ3-DIN when the -AIS option is included. This new option features a built-in intrinsically safe field connection that provides the necessary protection typically afforded by an intrinsically-safe barrier in plants or facilities where the method of protection is Intrinsic Safety. » Read More


LJ Star- Industrial Visual Flow Indicators

Alpha Controls & Instrumentation
LJ Star’s vast selection of industrial visual flow indicators allows you to observe the flow of process gases and fluids such as chemicals, cooling water, foods and beverages and petroleum-based products through their process line. Their flow indicators are suitable for high pressure and high temperatures, and they include choices for a rotor, flapper or drip-tube. LJ Star’s industrial visual flow indicators also include standard view or full view (360°). » Read More