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This is the June 2018 edition of Canada's Process Network's informative
eConnect. In each edition we offer process solutions and application information.


Protect Your Most Valuable Resource

The safety of your employees is your top priority. The safety of your fluid systems is ours. Swagelok helps plants reduce the risk in their fluid systems with everything from hands-on training to assistance with product selection. Learn how to avoid some of the most common risks with leading practices from Swagelok field engineers, available in our free resource, “7 Tips for Building Safer Fluid Systems.” » Read More


3D Level Sensor Prevents Silo Damage or Collapse

A new software feature for the 3DLevelScanner identifies the center of gravity for a silo, displays it graphically, and alerts when it falls outside of a predefined area. Other new options enable accurate volume measurement in segmented silos and allow for large storage bunkers to be measured by section. » Read More


Understanding Compressed Air Safety and Savings

Compressed air safety is a concern within manufacturing, mining and processing environments. Learn about the dangers that can come from high pressure and noise exposure. Improper use of compressed air commonly exceeds OSHA's noise exposure standards and causes noise induced hearing loss. Learn how to be sure you are OSHA compliant and how EXAIR's Intelligent Compressed Air products can help you. Download EXAIR's white paper, "Understanding Compressed Air Safety and Savings". » Read More


Download a free guide to Severe Service Valves (SSVs)

The term Severe Service Valve (SSV) is commonplace in the industrial valve industry. The problem is, no one really knows exactly what it means. Acting as the SSV task force leader for the Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS), CGIS is at the forefront of establishing the benchmark and rating system to identify what constitutes a Severe Service Valve, and how it differs from a General Purpose Valve. We used our 38 years of SSV experience to create this guide and hope you find it informative. » Read More


Alicat Scientific Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Alpha Controls & Instrumentation
As the fastest mass flow meter and controller manufacturer in the world, Alicat Scientific provides easy-to-use, benefit-rich instruments for gas flow measurement and control. The versatility of their devices is reflected in their numerous standard features, including selectable control of mass flow, volumetric flow and pressure. Alicat's mass flow controllers and meters not only make process control and calibration processes more efficient, you can customize your gas flow meter or controller for use in low pressure drops, high pressure or corrosive applications. » Read More


Timeless Technology Standardizes IIoT Connectivity

FDT Group
FDT has set the stage for open, standardized integration for bi-lateral communication and access to predictive analytics across the enterprise. While FDT is the heartbeat of any architecture from a single-user, stand-alone application to client/server, multi-user distributed architectures, the emerging FDT IIoT platform will broker advancements for mobility, cloud, and fog accessibility enterprise-wide supporting the 4th Industrial Revolution era. » Learn More


The VEGAPULS 64: Small but mighty radar

Retrofitting old process vessels with new instrumentations just got easier! Thanks to process fittings down to ¾" thread, the small but mighty VEGAPULS 64 fits easily on vessels with small process connections. This means existing vessels can be equipped with the latest radar technology without performing costly and time-consuming modifications! To learn more about the new VEGAPULS 64, visit »