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ippt.caNovember 28, 2018

This is the November 2018 edition of Canada's Process Network's informative
eConnect. In each edition, we offer process solutions and application information.


“Double Team” Dangerous Metal Contaminants

Combine Eriez powerful RE7 Rare Earth magnets with their best-in-class Xtreme® metal detectors to ensure your product is free of dangerous ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants. The Xtreme metal defector offer the highest level of sensitivity and can be positioned at different locations throughout the process from raw or bulk materials through final package inspection. » Visit for details


3D Level Sensor Reliably Measures in Dust

The dust-penetrating 3DLevelScanner non-contact sensor measures and maps material to detect surface irregularities delivering accurate volume and level data for silos and domes. Detect the Center of Gravity to prevent silo damage or collapse, enable accurate volume measurement in segmented silos, and allow for large storage bunkers to be measured by section. » Read More


Take a Stand for Good Health

Movement throughout the day is important to maintaining good health. Winsted's Impulse Dual Sit/Stand consoles take ergonomics and operator comfort to a whole new level by offering two independently adjustable, ergonomically curved work surfaces. Both work surfaces are controlled by two electric-lift legs and adjust from 30” to 46” high at the touch of a button. The dual work surfaces feature a durable, high-pressure Graphite Nebula laminate with Safeguard Edge. » Read More


WirelessHART Energy Harvester. Truly autonomous, no battery replacements.

ABB’s new WirelessHART temperature sensor TSP300-W with Energy Harvester is a fundamental technological innovation in the field of temperature measurement. It is the world’s first self-powered temperature sensor enabling truly autonomous temperature measurement. It operates via a built-in thermal generator that runs off the heat from your process. Now you can measure temperature in more locations with greater flexibility – increasing plant performance, safety and efficiency. » Read More


Teachable Weld Nut Sensors

Turck Canada
In the automotive industry, spacer sleeves – or reinforcing sleeves – and weld nuts are often used to assemble sheet metal elements. In order to guarantee a smooth production process that is free from rejects, the availability of these parts must be repeatedly detected. Spacer sleeves and weld nuts are used to ensure that vehicle elements, such as the frame, U-beams, car seats or tanks, are assembled to meet design requirements. It is essential that the presence of weld nuts or spacer sleeves is continually monitored during the assembly process. » Watch Video


Picomag - the smart plug-and-play flowmeter for utilities

Endress + Hauser
Are you looking for an easy, cost-effective way to manage your processes? Picomag—the innovative “pocked-sized” flowmeter is our newest go-to E-direct product for simultaneous flow and temperature measurement of fluids! » Read More