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ippt.caJanuary 23, 2019

This is the January 2019 edition of Canada's Process Network's informative
eConnect. In each edition, we offer process solutions and application information.


Customize your Power System

Designing power distribution centers just got a whole lot easier. With our online configuration tool, configure standard and custom AMAXX® power distribution centers in just a few mouse clicks. The AMAXX line consists of high performance non-metallic enclosures that can hold many different combinations of disconnect switches and receptacles—including switched-and-interlocked, GFCI and NEMA devices. AMAXX enclosures are available in one- to five-gang units, all UL listed. » Read More


PD685 Loop-Powered NEMA 4X Digital Meter from Precision Digital

Alpha Controls & Instrumentation
The PD685 from Precision Digital is a low-cost, NEMA 4X, loop-powered indicator that is easy to install and program and can be seen from considerable distance. The fact that this meter is loop-powered means that there is no need to run additional, costly power lines into a hazardous area; the meter gets all of the power it needs from the 4-20 mA loop and the PD685's 1 V drop results in a minimal burden on the loop. The meter features a wide -40 to 85°C operating temperature range and is provided with a ½" conduit hole in a location of your choice for easy installation. Calibration is a quick two-step process involving the adjustment of only two non-interacting potentiometers. » Learn More


Measure Up to Your Toughest Level Challenges

Brutal conditions. Strict regulations. Complex processes. In your plant, every level measurement matters. The efficiency, productivity and safety of your entire operation is at stake. That’s why Magnetrol® matters. We have the deepest experience in your applications and the broadest portfolio of level instruments for your industry. Our experts will help you identify hidden efficiencies, improve production and reduce downtime. It all matters. Because in your world, level matters. » Learn more about our level instrumentation today.


IMPULSE Dual Sit/Stand Consoles

Winsted Impulse Series Dual Sit/Stand Consoles feature dual adjustability for the most configurable workspace solution. Users can adjust monitor and work surfaces independent of each other to meet their specific needs. Ideal for multi-user multi-shift 24/7 applications, Impulse consoles easily configure for the broadest range of staff while still delivering the ergonomic advantages of a sit/stand desk system. Winsted Impulse Series Dual Sit/Stand Consoles; ergonomic design, infinitely configurable. » Read More