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ippt.caApril 28, 2020

This is the April 2020 Edition of Canada's Process Network's informative eConnect. In each edition, we offer process solutions and application information.


Super Air Knife Replaces Noisy Blowers

EXAIR Corporation
EXAIR’s Super Air Knife delivers a uniform, high volume, high velocity sheet of air for blowoff, cooling and drying applications. Energy use is 1/3 of typical blowoffs. Eliminates costly downtime of blowers. Noise is under 69 dBA at high pressure of 80 PSIG. Web site offers detailed information, downloadable drawings, video demonstration and PDF literature. » Learn More


Field-Ready Manual Pressure Controller

Ralston Instruments
The Ralston ControlPak is a manual pressure controller designed for precision control over an external compressed gas source. It features a large, pressure-balancing piston for fine adjustment of pressure across the entire 3000 psi pressure range. Enclosed in a tough, tactical case that protects the instrumentation, the ControlPak is easy to transport to any test site. Test multiple devices in a single setup, including differential and static calibration, even at very low pressure. » Learn More

Endress Hauser

Electromagnetic flowmeters: full bore has never been so exciting!

Endress+Hauser’s Promag W is the first electromagnetic flowmeter without tube restriction to measure reliably – independent of the flow profile and mounting location. Its new and unique “0 x DN full bore” option provides maximum measuring performance without tube restriction and thus without pressure loss. The innovative measuring concept features multiple electrodes, that generate a substantially higher density of measured data than for standard devices, and refined signal analysis. » Visit Us


Tank and Area Leak Alarms

Arjay Engineering Ltd
Monitor for liquid leaks in berms, pans, vaults and interstitial tank spaces. Responds to any liquid type. Sensor puck styles and flexible probes are designed to access difficult and harsh locations. Relay contacts and Modbus are standard. Made in Canada and available fully certified for Hazardous Classified Areas. » Learn More


NEW!! Small Pipe Transducer Option

The TTFM 6.1 Transit-Time Flow Meter from Greyline Instruments can now be ordered with transducers for pipe sizes down to ½ inch (13 mm) for easy and accurate flow measurement of clean fluids like treated water, RO or DI water, and chemicals. The easy to install mounting hardware makes transducer placement quick and easy. Just connect the transducer cables and you’ll be making a measurement!
Contact: info@greyline » Learn More