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ippt.caOctober 27, 2020

This is the October 2020 Edition of Canada's Process Network's informative eConnect. In each edition, we offer process solutions and application information.


CDS Sloped-Top Non-Metallic Disconnects

MENNEKES introduces the industry’s first non-metallic, curved top disconnect switch. With a clean labelless design, the CDS Series is NEMA 4X, IP69K, and NSF Certified. Rated 30A and up to 25HP, switches satisfy most line disconnect requirements. » Learn More


Your Quintessential Guide to Severe Service Valves (SSVs)

Acting as the SSV task force leader for the Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS), CGIS is at the forefront of establishing the benchmark and rating system to identify what constitutes a Severe Service Valve, and how it differs from a General Purpose Valve. Our 40 years of expertise in this subject has culminated in the creation of this guide. Download it to learn:

• Which types of valves make up Severe Service Valves
• The 6 key factors to consider when selecting an SSV
• A list of recommended SSV vendors
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Endres Hauser

Proline Prosonic Flow G 300/500 Redefines process gas measurement

The robust ultrasonic gas flowmeter with integrated pressure and temperature sensors for highly accurate, real-time measured values in both dry and wet gases. With extensive functionality of the Proline 300/500 transmitters, this opens new options for process control and monitoring. It ensures precise measured values (±0.5%) with unmatched repeatability, even when process and ambient conditions fluctuate significantly. This flowmeter combines tried-and-tested ultrasonic flow measuring technology with decades of experience in oil and gas & chemical industries. » Learn More


Next Generation Open Channel Flow & Tank Level Meter!

Pulsar Measurement
NEW! The Greyline OCF 6.1 Open Channel Flow & Tank Level Meter allows you to measure easily and accurately, output and log flow through any flume or weir, or measure and control the level of fluids in tanks and vessels. The OCF 6.1, is a perfect solution for your non-contacting measurement needs.
Tel: 888-473-9546
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Industry Leading Isolation Barriers

The IM12 & IMX12 are a new generation of isolating barriers with global approvals for use in hazardous locations.

These devices are used to protect, isolate and convert electrical signals to connect them into controllers or remote I/O. Key features include a state-of-the-art design with much higher channel density than previous solutions, ensuring a smaller footprint. A new Power Bridge option reduces wiring for faster installation and incorporates an alarm for voltage monitoring. Featuring slim 12.5 mm housings, the hazardous area isolating barriers and ex-analog signal converters offer the highest signal density on the market.

The IM12 product series is ideal for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as other manufacturing applications such as temperature monitoring, fluid treatment or speed monitoring. (up to 15 KHz) When Intrinsic Safety is required, the IMX12 series provides superior performance, accuracy and speed for the process industry. All models operate on an industry leading 10-30V DC range. Programming can be achieved via I/O Link. » Learn More


Confused with how to select a Flow Indicator?

The team at Muis Controls can help you select the right flow indicator for your application. Whether its technical capability, features, lead time or all of the above we are happy to help with finding the right fit. » Learn More