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ippt.caNovember 24, 2020

This is the November 2020 Edition of Canada's Process Network's informative eConnect. In each edition, we offer process solutions and application information.


CDS Sloped-Top Non-Metallic Disconnects

MENNEKES introduces the industry’s first non-metallic, curved top disconnect switch. With a clean labelless design, the CDS Series is NEMA 4X, IP69K, and NSF Certified. Rated 30A and up to 25HP, switches satisfy most line disconnect requirements. » Learn More


Your Quintessential Guide to Severe Service Valves (SSVs)

Acting as the SSV task force leader for the Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS), CGIS is at the forefront of establishing the benchmark and rating system to identify what constitutes a Severe Service Valve, and how it differs from a General Purpose Valve. Our 40 years of expertise in this subject has culminated in the creation of this guide. Download it to learn:

• Which types of valves make up Severe Service Valves
• The 6 key factors to consider when selecting an SSV
• A list of recommended SSV vendors
» Learn More

Endres Hauser

Endress+Hauser’s smart turibidity sensor delivers accurate measurement of drinking water

Even in the clearest water, Endress+Hauser’s Turbimax CUS52D smart turbidity sensor provides continuous, unattended monitoring of drinking and process water quality with laboratory accuracy or better. Its self-cleaning functions and smart calibration tools make this sensor a safe, convenient and highly reliable component of a water treatment package. » Learn More


IMPULSE Dual Sit/Stand Consoles

Winsted Impulse Series Dual Sit/Stand Consoles feature dual adjustability for the most configurable workspace solution. Users can adjust monitor and work surfaces independent of each other to meet their specific needs. Ideal for multi-user multi-shift 24/7 applications, Impulse consoles easily configure for the broadest range of staff while still delivering the ergonomic advantages of a sit/stand desk system. Winsted Impulse Series Dual Sit/Stand Consoles; ergonomic design, infinitely configurable. » Learn More


Festo KVZB Ball Valves Feature High Flow

Do you need to move media from points A to B with full pipe diameter? You can rely on the high flow factor of our KVZB ball valve units. Put together your optimum ball valve unit in the shortest possible time with our configurator. » Learn More


Tank and Area Leak Alarms

Arjay Engineering Ltd
Monitor for liquid leaks in berms, pans, vaults and interstitial tank spaces. Responds to any liquid type. Sensor puck styles and flexible probes are designed to access difficult and harsh locations. Relay contacts and Modbus are standard. Made in Canada and available fully certified for Hazardous Classified Areas. » Learn More

Know Your Flow

Pulsar Measurement DFM 6.1 Doppler Flow Meter is easy to install and configure. It is designed to measure flow from outside any pipe. The non-intrusive, clamp-on ultrasonic sensor, fits pipe sizes ½” (12.5) inside diameter or larger. It is designed for "difficult liquids" like wastewater, slurries, sludge, chemicals, viscous liquids, and abrasives.
Tel: 888-473-9546 » Learn More