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ippt.caMarch 23, 2021

This is the March 2021 Edition of Canada's Process Network's informative eConnect. In each edition, we offer process solutions and application information.



Differential pressure gauges manufactured by Orange Research can indicate small values of differential pressure even when used at high line pressures. They can be supplied with reed switches or relays to initiate alarms, activate other equipment, or shut the system down. Two switches can be installed when high and low limit control is desired. Gauges are customizable and manufactured to customer specifications, including dial sizes, porting location, pressure body and wetted parts and mounting options. » Learn More


IP69K/Hygienic Junction Boxes and Pushbutton Enclosures

Hammond Manufacturing has just launched a new stainless steel enclosure series designed for the harshest environments. The HY Series of junction boxes and pushbutton enclosures meets the highest standards for aggressive washdown (IP69/IP69K) as well as the hygienic standards of NSF critical for food safety. A durable blue silicone gasket mounted on the door’s edge, crevice free hardware, and the extra smooth #4 Dairy finish combine to make these enclosures fast and easy to clean. » Learn more


BinCloud® Transforms Silo Inventory

The BinCloud® platform is an integrated cloud foundation for data monitoring of inventory contained in bins, tanks, and silos. It enables on-site and remote workers to work via the Cloud using BinView® software from wherever they are. Get real-time monitoring using BinMaster level sensors, automated alerts via text or email, and historical reporting. BinCloud® can be used at a single site or across multiple locations and accommodate hundreds of vessels. » Learn more


The New Ralston Field Gauge LC20

An affordable reference-grade gauge with high-end features, the Field Gauge LC20 is all about options. Use the included FieldLab software for logging and live viewing of pressure over USB, or choose Wireless and monitor tests from the comfort of your truck. The LC20 is ideal for pressure monitoring, calibration of pressure gauges and transmitters, pressure switch testing, and leak testing. It’s available in 11 pressure ranges from 5 psi / 35 kPa to 10,000 psi / 70 Mpa, a compound vacuum/pressure gauge from -/+15 psi, and a digital vacuum gauge measuring up to 30 inHg / 760 mbar. » Learn more


Level Controls for Your Process & Automation Needs

Arjay Engineering Level Controls provide reliable level monitoring of liquids and solids in various applications including pump and valve control, overfill protection, and inventory control. Using HF capacitance technology for a continuous or switch design, Arjay Level Controls fit your application needs. » Learn more