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ippt.caJune 22, 2021

This is the June 2021 Edition of Canada's Process Network's informative eConnect. In each edition, we offer process solutions and application information.



Fast, simple, intuitive. No matter what process valve you are using, with the new Festo configurator you can design, size, and order the perfect quarter turn actuator unit KDFP for your application.

» Control of Media Flow | Festo USA


Oil Water Separator Monitors

Arjay Engineering oil water separator monitors alert personnel of accumulated oil to ensure shut down of pumps, avoiding the risk of pumping oil to the drain. The sensing probe continuously monitors for the oil water interface in a water filled sump or separator. As the volume of separated oil increases or is drawn down toward the probe tip, the probe capacitance changes, activating the relay for alarm interface and control.
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Lean Managed Switches Optimized for Industrial Networking

Lean managed switches are engineered for use in industrial environments that are installed and maintained by control minded automation engineers. Unique tools such as a graphical active topology map and diagnostic dashboards provide users information to easily monitor and troubleshoot any industrial network. » Download brochure


Confidence and Opportunities.

We ensure your instruments measure what they’re intended to measure, saving time, effort and costs Verification is a task too important to trust to just anyone. Whether you are looking for a one-off verification or someone to manage your routine service activities, intervals and documentation, you need reliable support. We offer this reliability. Our global certification process for technicians and standard procedures guarantee that we deliver consistent service, no matter where you are located, or your need. » Learn More


Highest Level of Protection Against Dangerous Tramp Metal

Eriez Rare Earth magnetic separators and best-in-class metal detectors offer superior protection from dangerous metals contaminating your process or products. Eriez strongest magnetic circuit, RE 7 Rare Earth, is available in a wide range of models to integrate into ANY process… wet, dry, gravity or conveyed. Install Eriez and know you’re protected. » Learn More