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ippt.caJuly 27, 2021

This is the July 2021 Edition of Canada's Process Network's informative eConnect. In each edition, we offer process solutions and application information.


nVision Reference Pressure Recorder

The nVision is accurate enough to replace a deadweight tester, rugged enough to sit in 3 feet of water and portable enough to complete calibrations anywhere. nVision lets you visualize measurements graphically on its large LCD display, with or without a PC, in real time while recording. The nVision can datalog up to 500,000 data points (per module) – 10 reading per second from 2 independent modules in both gauge and absolute pressure to 15,000PSI with the optional Barometric module. Additionally, you can measure switch, voltage, current and temperature. There’s never been anything like this! » Learn More


Protect pumps & equipment with the 2852-DPM dry pump monitor

Arjay’s 2852-DPM dry pump monitor is a low cost and low maintenance system that determines the presence or absence of product in a pipe or pump. The 2852-DPM combines the technology of capacitance with unique sensor designs to provide non-intrusive monitors for liquid handling systems. » Learn More


Introducing Ralston FieldLab Hydrostatic Test Kits

FieldLab Hydrostatic Test Kits are a huge improvement over large, cumbersome chart recorders. Sturdy, wireless temperature probe(s) let you record pipeline and ambient temperature digitally from up to 300 ft. away, and with ± 0.1%full scale accuracy, they’re 10x more accurate than traditional chart recorders. The lightweight waterproof case includes all the test equipment and accessories you need to easily set up and run tests. View pressure and temperature data in real time, download it via wireless or USB, and create customized, graphical reports of pressure and temperature readings and DUT data. » Learn more


Cloud‐Based Silo Inventory Management for IoT

Monitor inventory in bins, tanks, and silos on site or remotely from a phone, table or PC with BinCloud®. Decrease dependency on local IT resources and eliminate managing servers. IoT solution is compatible with non-contact radar, SmartBob, 3DLevelScanners, guided wave radar, ultrasonic, or laser level sensors with a 4-20 mA, Modbus, or HART output. Scalable for many vessels or sites. Features include real-time monitoring, automated alerts via text or email, integrated ordering, and historical reporting. » Learn more


IMPULSE Dual Sit/Stand Consoles

Winsted Impulse Series Dual Sit/Stand Consoles feature dual adjustability for the most configurable workspace solution. Users can adjust monitor and work surfaces independent of each other to meet their specific needs. Ideal for multi-user multi-shift 24/7 applications, Impulse consoles easily configure for the broadest range of staff while still delivering the ergonomic advantages of a sit/stand desk system. Winsted Impulse Series Dual Sit/Stand Consoles; ergonomic design, infinitely configurable. » Learn more