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Turn-Key Solution for Wide Range of Critical Safety Applications. SensAlarm FLEX is the ideal turn-key gas monitoring solution for users who can benefit from a packaged gas detection system — such as labs, gas cylinder storage, industrial work areas, or control room protection.
  • Advanced Fully-Configurable Gas Detection System
  • Single or Dual Sensor Capability
  • 4 Customizable Built-in Strobe Modes, Horn, and External Reset Button
  • Optional Strobe Light Stack, Battery Back-up
  • Up to 8 SPDT 5A Relays
SensAlarm FLEX, like its predecessor SensAlarm Plus, deploys a universal sensor head that accepts our Plus Series Smart Sensors to meet the demands of a wide range of applications.
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We are pleased to announce the new JOFRA RTC-168 Series. It offers greater flexibility, better accuracy, more stability, and faster speed. It includes innovative patent-pending features designed to calibrate difficult sanitary sensors. It includes a removable liquid container making switching from dry to wet clean and easy, a new liquid system with a faster magnetic stirrer to extend the uniformity zone and more space to support large flange sensors up to 84 mm in diameter.
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