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White Paper Xchange for December 

Get Rid of Rigid: Get the WORM Flexible Temperature Sensor

Moore Industries
The WORM® goes where no other temperature sensor has gone before…literally! With its flexible design, it is able to fit in places that rigid sensors can’t. It provides accurate readings while being extremely easy to maintain. Read this white paper to learn how the WORM provides a “one size fits all” solution to temperature sensors that saves you time and money.

How Steam Conditioning Valves Improve Your Process

Superheated steam can be found in various different applications and industries. While desirable for many processes, it may be advantageous to reduce the steam pressure and temperatures to improve process efficiency, protect equipment, or perform other downstream functions. By combining the steam pressure control valve with the desuperheater in one unit, superior temperature control, maximum turndown as well as a reduced size are achieved.
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