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Selecting Flowmeters to Provide Accurate Measurement of Biogas Flow and Composition

Measuring biogas flow has historically been challenging, due to the gases’ low pressure and water saturation, and the presence of corrosive hydrogen sulfide (H2S). New flow measurement technology is now available, which provides the accurate measurement of biogas flow and composition necessary to promote efficient energy production. By 2012, Germany had 7215 biogas installations producing 2904 MW of electric power, or about 3 percent of the nation’s electricity. Demand for this energy source is expected to grow around the world.

In this paper we will explore some measurement technologies currently used and how new devices can provide additional information.

Understanding Compressed Air and Dew Point Requirements

Alpha Controls & Instrumentation
What is compressed air and why is it so important for industrial plants? With approximately 70% of manufacturing plants using compressed air, it often represents the single biggest use of energy. When water is present in a compressed air system, it can result in seriously adverse effects. Furthermore, when compressed air systems run at higher pressure than necessary, it can lead to exceptionally high operating costs. Unfortunately, this is the case for many industries. In this whitepaper from Rotronic, learn why we need to measure dew point in industrial plants, how to save costs and improve efficiency.

The Challenge & Solution - Inventory Management of NGLs

Storage and reconciling inventory of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) present different challenges depending on where this is done in the value chain. This paper is about a central storage facility where NGLs are piped in from several gas plants (single owner), trucked in liquids from diverse owners as well as liquids piped in from a third party. This centralized storage and truck terminal then supplies the market feeding into existing midstream infrastructure. While there are traditional metering points of custody transfer at each receiving and the final delivery point it’s important to have visibility on the stored inventory and with that a balancing challenge to ensure the fluids on hand reconcile with all the receipts and deliveries.
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