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Make the Right Maintenance Decisions
Sensor Maintenance Decisions Made Easy

In the process industries, maintaining high product quality while improving process safety and controlling operating costs is a constant challenge.
Sensor maintenance is critical for ensuring measurements form in-line probes are reliable. Incorrect measurements from a failing or failed in-line analytical sensor can result in over-or-underuse of chemicals, reduced product quality or even production shut down.
Sensor maintenance and timely replacement is therefore vital, but it is costly in terms of time and materials. What if you are maintaining or replacing sensors when it is not even necessary? Download/Continue Reading

Today’s Vanguard in Level Measurement

Guided wave radar (GWR) is one of the most effective and popular measurement tools in the process industries. The Eclipse® Model 706 from Magnetrol® harnesses the power of GWR to solve common challenges such as remote site management, saturated steam applications and overfill prevention. Learn more in this white paper.

Selecting Continuous Level Sensors and Optimizing Material Inventory Decisions

Monitor Technologies
Continuous level sensors can help optimize inventory management, maximize the storage capacity of silos and reduce delivery (transportation) costs. Learn about some important criteria to consider when choosing a continuous level measurement / inventory control system to ensure the sensor will completely fit your powder / bulk solids application.

Sit/Stand Consoles

With the benefits of moving around individual work areas, more workstation options are being offered, such as Winsted’s Impulse Dual Sit/Stand Consoles, the Ascend Sit/Stand Control Room Consoles and the Horizon Workstation. Each system provides beneficial features that give employees flexibility in how they choose to find physical movement and comfort during their daily work routines. Employers also benefit from the physical diversity with increased overall productivity.

Logic Solver for Overpressure Protection

Moore Industries
A High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) is a specific type of Safety Instrumented System (SIS) that acts as a barrier between high and low pressure parts of an installation without the need to release fluid into the environment or otherwise contaminate it. Within this SIS, the logic solver initiates the final elements that restore the process back to a safe state. This white paper explores the possibilities available to SIS designers of tank overpressure protection systems when using a logic solver. It includes examples of system topographies and their associated Safety Integrity Level (SIL) calculations.
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