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October 31, 2018
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Improving Ozone Measurement

Ozone is widely used in water treatment because of its excellent disinfection and oxidation qualities, however, low flow rates is a challenge for popular flow technologies, such as thermal mass, due to low flow cutoff points. The OPTISONIC 7300C gas ultrasonic meters by KROHNE eliminated those concerns at one customer site.

Is the Setra 3100 Pressure Transducer a Good Fit For Your Application?

Alpha Controls & Instrumentation
Every pressure measurement situation is unique. Yet over time, Setra is asked to propose a solution that they haven’t seen in some way. That’s one of the reasons why Setra built so much flexibility into the configuration of the Model 3100/3200 product line. Whether you are replacing an existing pressure transducer that has excess field failures or designing a new product that requires pressure sensing, there are specific requirements. Download this whitepaper to learn if Setra's 3100 pressure transducer is a good fit for your application.

Measuring the Level of Bulk Solids Stored in Silos

Endress + Hauser
Measuring the bulk solid level in silos can be challenging. Time of flight devices use either the reflection based on the density of the material, or the dielectric constant. Here’s a guide on how and where to use guided wave radar, ultrasonic or pulse radar to ensure accuracy.

Sit/Stand Consoles

With the benefits of moving around individual work areas, more workstation options are being offered, such as Winsted’s Impulse Dual Sit/Stand Consoles, the Ascend Sit/Stand Control Room Consoles and the Horizon Workstation. Each system provides beneficial features that give employees flexibility in how they choose to find physical movement and comfort during their daily work routines. Employers also benefit from the physical diversity with increased overall productivity.

Achieving Reliable Interface Measurement in the Field

Interface level applications exist throughout the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. They can be difficult to measure, and there is no perfect technology on the market. However, process optimization and increased uptime can still be achieved through reliable, best-in-class technology. Learn about level measurement solutions in this white paper.
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