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November 14, 2018

Growth in manufacturing sector continues to slow

Canada’s manufacturing sector expanded in October at the slowest pace in nearly two years as production and new business growth lost further momentum, while input costs and factory gate prices climbed at a faster clip.

Common causes of costly fluid system leaks – and how to avoid them

You’ll find expert guidance on how and why leaks occur in the latest post on Swagelok Reference Point, along with tips on how to detect them and reduce costly leaks plantwide.

Orion broadens its specialty carbon black offering

Orion Engineered Carbons S.A. has acquired several companies to expand its specialty carbon blacks range of products, which include those used to enhance the performance of polymers, sealants and plastics.

Mining industry challenged to develop new, clean tech solutions

Ottawa is challenging Canadian innovators to develop new clean technology solutions that cut energy consumption for crushing mined rock — a process that currently accounts for up to three percent of the entire world’s electricity generation.

Demand for lightweight materials driving adhesive, coatings growth

Growth prospects in the global aerospace adhesives and coatings market look promising over the next six years, as analysts forecast the market to reach $1.9 billion by the end of 2024.
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Measure Up to Your Toughest Level Challenges

Brutal conditions. Strict regulations. Complex processes. In your plant, every level measurement matters. The efficiency, productivity and safety of your entire operation is at stake. That’s why Magnetrol® matters. We have the deepest experience in your applications and the broadest portfolio of level instruments for your industry. Our experts will help you identify hidden efficiencies, improve production and reduce downtime. It all matters. Because in your world, level matters. Learn more about our level instrumentation today. >> Learn More

Comparing Displacer Transmitters vs. Differential Pressure Transmitters for Liquid Level Measurement

Differential pressure transmitters have been used in the process industries for decades. However, a newer technology, displacer transmitters, requires less calibration, measures level more directly, and offers greater customization. Download the white paper to learn the differences between these two technologies and discover which one is right for your application.
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New Gas Chromatograph from ABB

The PGC5009 “Fast” process gas chromatograph is the newest addition to ABB’s gas chromatography product portfolio, now available from EverMark Automation in Ontario and Manitoba. The PGC5009 represents the best in process analytics for simulated distillation analysis using fast temperature programmed process chromatography. With a patented resistively heated column design and rapid cooling system, the PGC5009 provides superior chromatography. The results are proven: accurate and reproducible retention times and weight percentage measurements required for boiling point curve calculation, enabling optimized refinery process control. >> Learn More

Next gen cooling tower products taking a cue from client needs

Cooling tower customers want product innovations that can give them a greater amount of cooling for the energy used. In this age of shrinking operational budgets, they also seek ways to reduce installation and maintenance costs. These customer needs cut across industry lines, whether for light industrial or heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications, or for power and process cooling operations. » Read More

Current transducer makes monitoring three-phase loads easy

The AT/ATR-TH Series Current Transducer is the latest innovation from NK Technologies for monitoring three-phase loads, motors, machines, and buildings, featuring a large, triple-aperture solid-core design for quick installation. » Learn More

Bihler 4 Slide-NC

Bihler of America’s highly efficient, servo-driven, 4 Slide-NC has been well-received by customers due to its short set-up time, allowing set-up and change-overs to be completed in a fraction of the time, compared to older mechanical four-slide machines. » Learn More

Medium voltage transformer/interrupting switch assembly

Pioneer Dry Type Group introduces medium voltage transformer/interrupter switch assemblies which provide safe, reliable and cost-effective switching and fault protection for unit substations. » Learn More

Battery-powered SPL-100 laser level sensor

Wiring complexity and costs can be an obstacle when installing level sensors. The SPL-100 battery-powered single point laser allows use of level sensors on silos or in remote locations where inventory monitoring has not been feasible. » Learn More
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Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo

Palais des congrès de Montréal
Montréal, Que.
November 14-15
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Marijuana in the Workplace

Sheraton Vancouver Hotel
Richmond, B.C.
November 14
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