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September 26, 2019
White Paper Xchange 

Bridging the Gap between HART Devices and IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things

Moore Industries
This white paper outlines how the flow of process and diagnostics data from smart HART digital field instruments can now be shared with mid and higher level control, asset management and data information systems without having to upgrade expensive process control interface equipment. Features and considerations of devices that enable this sharing of data are also reviewed and suggested.

Protect Your Pump & Keep It Longer

Fluid Components
Nothing damages a pump faster than dry running conditions. Repairing or replacing pumps is time-consuming and expensive, which could include downtime. Download the white paper “Monitor Your Pump for Process Efficiency,” from Fluid Components International (FCI), which explains why a flow switch in your pump’s process loop prevents this problem.

Gas Analysis Made Easy

Mettler Toledo
Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) oxygen sensors from METTLER TOLEDO unite the best elements of two technologies to form a highly dependable monitoring system for process and safety applications.
• How innovative probe design and single flange installation ensure simple installation.
• Why TDL in situ technology is immune to interference from background gases and most dusty and wet environments.

5 Trends in Connectivity

Power, signal and data are the lifelines of our modern world. Everything we rely on every day is made up of these building blocks - from the systems that provide energy and store data to the machines that gather resources, to the production floors that process materials and produce goods, to the trains and planes that move products. Read our Trends in Connectivity playbook to learn about the most powerful trends that are critical for modern industry.
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