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According to the Gartner Group, more than 75% of ERP projects fail to meet expectations. Yours doesn't have to. Your successful project starts with selecting the right system.

At ERP Vendor Congress 2016, you'll have a unique opportunity to build your manufacturing ERP shortlist by participating in software demonstrations from leading vendors Microsoft, Infor, IFS, Epicor and abas. Demonstrations include:

Microsoft Dynamics AX, Empowering Growth
Microsoft Dynamics AX will demonstrate software that helps companies increase their speed of doing business, implement new business strategies, and control costs and visibility on the global supply chain, to fuel growth.


Patrik Chavarie CPA, CMA, Vice-Presidentm
Business Development, Thinkmax Consulting Services
Joyce Lafleur, Technology Solutions Professional
Dynamics AX, Microsoft Canada
Michel Poirier,
Solution Specialist
Thinkmax Consulting Services
Sumit Verma,
Technology Solutions Professional
Dynamics AX, Microsoft Canada

Experience IFS Applications: Intuitive, Functional, Simple
Take a tour through an ERP user's day, in a modern business system.

Speaker: Greg Romanello, Senior Business Solution Consultant

Optimize your business processes with abas ERP
In this demo, the abas team will show several key aspects of their software, including its ease of use, mobility via a suite of mobile apps, and data visualization features and tools.

Speaker: Joe Vecchio, Sales Manager,
abas USA

Six S Partners and Epicor Software:
Information that can help grow your business

Join Six S Partners and Epicor Software for an interactive live presentation of EPICOR's robust capabilities for various types of manufacturers, hear about the ROI that other EPICOR customers have enjoyed and see if there here is a fit for your business.

Speaker: John Preiditsch, President, Six S Partners Inc.

For more information on all ERP Vendor Congress speakers, click here.

You'll also participate in hands-on skills building workshops led by experts who've managed ERP implementations at Boeing, Curtiss-Wright, Alcoa and other major manufacturers. The workshops include:
Define your ERP requirements
Peter Santaniello,
Principal Consultant, Pemeco Consulting, will take you through how to define key process and data requirements, and organize them into a document that can be used to evaluate ERP vendors and their systems.
Build your business case for ERP
Jonathan Gross,
VP, Pemeco Consulting, will lead a hands-on session where you'll align your ERP project with strategic goals, build a total cost of ownership analysis and prepare an implementation roadmap.
Prepare your business for implementation
Peter Gross,
President, Pemeco Consulting will work with you to build project teams, free-up key personnel capacity and establish critical business process and data foundations.
The ERP Vendor Congress is your opportunity to learn about the latest ERP solutions so you can increase your business efficiency and operations!
ERP Vendor Congress is a closed event for qualified delegates only.
Show management reserves the right to decline registration.
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