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Last chance: Hot deals on the world's best-selling enclosure cooling systems! Ends Aug 31!
This summer, there's a perfect deal so that you can decrease enclosure energy costs while enhancing efficiency! Grab these special promo prices on Rittal's air conditioners and fans until August 31, 2017! Save up to 75% in enclosure cooling costs and energy, due to Rittal's industry-leading hybrid technology efficiency with Rittal's ultimate Climate Control solutions!

Cool energy & cost savings Cool energy & cost savings
Rittal, world-leader in crafting enclosures for even the harshest environment, has now developed the world's first Blue e+ Climate control systems that are a cut above the rest, and keep those enclosures cooler and lasting longer than ever before.
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Fans to blow you away Fans to blow you away
Rittal's top-notch roof-mounted fans offer one system for all sizes: Only one mounting cut-out needed for all output categories, available as an exhaust vent without the fan, air routing with minimal pressure losses for great efficiency & more.
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Ultimate guide Ultimate guide on enclosure cooling systems
Our new Climate Control Reference Guide helps you find the right solution for your application. Don’t sweat it. With so many options out there, we understand choosing the right climate product for your enclosure can be stressful. Rittal wants to make it easy for you.
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