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HD Solutions for the Food & Beverage industry:
It's on us if you qualify!
Rittal's Hygienic Design solutions are specially designed and built to handle the unique hygiene needs & challenges of the Food & Beverage industry! In harsh environments, traditional enclosures may fail to provide the required levels of protection, so we have the perfect solution for you!

Clean is Cool
Contact us today to discuss how our HD solutions can work for you! *Qualified sites receive a no-obligation HD demo enclosure for testing! So you can experience the benefits, cost-savings and protection of Rittal's HD solutions first-hand! Limited quantity demo units!
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Rittal's HD products stand out with their unique features:
• 30° forward sloping roof repels water, bacteria, objects
• Stainless steel parts & accessories for easy, reliable cleaning
• Joint-free exterior blue gasket is easy to see, clean, replace
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Seeing is believing
Watch our latest animated video showing the features & benefits of the Rittal Hygienic Design range, perfect for the F & B industry.
Watch the new F & B video here!

Click here to visit our HD website; email for more information!