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Wallmounts to blow you away!
Hygienic Design, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Wallmount Enclosures

Wallmount enclosures from Rittal incorporate precision engineering with the exact NEMA rating you require, including:

  • Hygienic Design Stainless Steel for sanitary cleanability: Our no-obligation HD enclosure promotion for qualified sites runs up to Nov 30. Click here.
  • Carbon steel with three-phase surface finish (Nanoceramic treatment, dip-coated priming and powder-coated paint) for optimum protection
  • 304 and 316 Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance
Get a taste of our HD solutions
Rittal's HD products stand out with their unique features:
• 30° forward sloping roof repels water, bacteria, objects
• Stainless steel parts & accessories for easy, reliable cleaning
• Joint-free exterior blue gasket is easy to see, clean, replace
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Wallmounts to blow you away!

Learn why Rittal is the world’s leading provider of hygienic design, carbon and stainless compact enclosures.
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