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This summer, Rittal Cooling Systems extend the life of your enclosures!
As it heats up, Rittal explains how you can decrease enclosure energy costs while enhancing efficiency! Hurry and take advantage of the special promo prices on Rittal's industry-leading, CSA-approved enclosure air conditioners and fans! And read what leading customers have to say...

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Keeping the Automation Industry cool!
Linear Transfer depends on Rittal's modular TS 8 enclosures, accessories from plinths to comfort handles, and world-leading Blue e air conditioners, providing vast energy savings. "Linear believes in providing its global clients with the best solutions, and with Rittal, we know we can access the entire value chain from software to innovative enclosures, climate control and power distribution solutions,” says Rama Jayaweera, President, Linear Inc.
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Summer Cooling Promo, May-Aug
Don't sweat it! Rittal's Blue e Climate control systems offer unmatched energy savings and cool features, and our top-notch roof-mounted fans are NEMA 12 out of the box, and NEMA 3R/4/4X with the rain hood!
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Ultimate handbook on enclosure cooling systems
Our new Climate Solutions Handbook helps you find the right solution for your application. With so many options out there, we understand choosing the right climate product for your enclosure can be stressful. Rittal wants to make it easy for you.
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