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SmartLight Indicator for Clear Indication of Point-of-Use

SmartLight Indicator for Clear Indication of Point-of-Use

For reliable user guidance Balluff offers a SmartLight Indicator you can use to unambiguously show where the point of-uses are. And there's more still. Our SmartLight Indicator features numerous additional functions. Such as the display of the adjusting direction, pacing times for the work processes, wait times in the workflow or representation of the torque run-up – such as for an electronically controlled torque gun. The machine status or bin levels can also be easily read. Our SmartLight Indicator consists of six independent, extremely bright, multi-color LED segments which you can operate in different modes to your own individual requirements. IO-Link provides convenient user guidance.

Thanks to IO-Link the intelligent device is quickly and cost-effectively installed with plug-and-play to connect with both PLC and PC-based systems simultaneously. All modes, colors and status are directly available in the Process Data. Since you can daisy chain the SmartLight Indicator with another one, it is possible to further reduce costs and wiring time.

•   Secure: Runlight mode visualizes whether, for example, a workstation is ready or still in action
•   Innovative: Level mode for indicating a position or level with 360° or 720° rotation
•   Cost-saving: Connect two SmartLight indicators (daisy chain)

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