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IO-Link Smart Configurator and Proximity Sensors
The portable IO-Link Smart Configurator is battery powered and equipped with WiFi for IODD files, sync and cloud storage. Easily configure any IO-Link sensor and replace the need to program via a USB IO-Link Master connected to a PC or via a network connected master device.

Inductive Proximity Sensors in rugged Ø4, M5, M8, M12, M18 and M30 housings, offer extended ranges up to 22mm. Sensors are fully programmable and can be configured for hundreds of functions. Advanced IO-Link functions include Detection Counter (RPM) and Speed Controller.

Capacitive Proximity Sensors in popular M18 and M30 housings, provide the ideal solution for applications where flexibility or sensing performance need to be constantly and accurately monitored and logged. Advanced IO-Link functions include Quality of Run, Quality of Teach and Diagnostic Parameters.