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Logo New Product: Air Impact Marking Station for Robotic Cells  
As robots play a bigger and bigger role in automated production, Columbia Marking Tools now provides complete marking stations for robot work cells.

CMT's air impact markers have been a preferred solution for industrial manufacturing for over half a century. These compact systems provide a quick easy mark - from a station identification, to a part number, or date code. CMT's air impact markers are a low cost solution to dot-peen and laser marking systems. In addition, these rugged marking units have a speedy cycle time, and provide a deep legible mark.

Figure 2 Close up of Mite-E-Mark with sheet metal part

Air impact markers provide a very intense impact and CMT recommends the use of a part rest during the marking process. The part rest can be designed to hold the part while the robot does other operations, or as shown, just a small back-up detail.

Figure 4 Example station drawing - part rest and height designed per application
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Figure 1 Complete Mite-E-Mark Station

These new stations are designed for robotic work cells and come ready to mark with a selection of air impact markers, all required valves, impact marker mounts, part rest, and optional Fieldbus for PLC communications.

Figure 3 Close-up of Mite-E-Mark showing backup detail

CMT's complete automation cell station includes:
   •  Air impact unit
   •  Filter, Regulator, Lubricator and OSHA Safety lockout
   •  4 Way valve with air timer
   •  Heavy Duty Riser Construction
   •  Part rest/marking backup
   •  Optional Field Bus
   •  Optional wired return sensor
   •  All mounted and assembled – ready to install in automation cell