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Zaytran+Magswitch=Festo strong!
For the tough assembly jobs, automotive manufacturers and OEMs rely on proven reliable, durable and safe handling components. Two names always leap to mind – Zaytran for mechanical locating pin cylinders and Magswitch for switchable magnetic grippers. Two market leaders known for unrivalled quality in their respective segments. And Festo Canada is their authorized distributor!

Safety first locating pins
Putting safety first doesn’t mean having to sacrifice even one iota of the reliability and durability for which all Zaytran non-rotating locating pins are known. It doesn’t even cost more.

With the Zaytran LSA-95 safety variant, engaging the mechanical lock prevents inadvertent load movement. This is active locking, requiring the operator to engage and disengage the lock. That’s a safer approach than passive systems. The LSA-95 pilot air signal also can be integrated into any safety circuitry, capable of achieving performance Level D (lSO 13849). All Zaytran locating pins are lubricated for life, and upon application signoff have a life of tool guarantee.

Even one workplace accident is too many.
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Switchable magnetic grippers
Magswitch switchable magnet grippers can lower energy costs by up to 90% and raise throughput by as much as 30% compared to gripping systems using pneumatic/electric grippers or clamps or vacuum cup grippers. And they cost less.

Magswitch components can improve the productivity and quality of any stamping, welding and pick-and-place operations and are designed to last the life of a production line.

They are ideal for final assembly, body-in-white or auto parts manufacturing.
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