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How COVID-19 is putting pressure on digital transformation timelines

How COVID-19 is putting pressure on digital transformation timelines

The newest episode of Machine Language: The Podcast is here!

What work do small- and medium-sized manufacturers need to do to make their technology more resilient in the face of crisis – whether that’s a second wave of the coronavirus or something else entirely?

In our latest episode, we interview Jonathan Gross, managing director of Pemeco Consulting, a firm that specializes in enterprise technology integration.

We dive into the concept of digital transformation, what it means, and how manufacturers can plan for new technology adoption – including how to pay for it.

“What COVID-19 is doing here is it’s underscoring a need for speed, a need for agility,” Gross says in the episode. “How quickly can you shift your supply chain to production? How quickly can you shift your operations so that you can maintain throughput with a skeleton workforce? Can you make major decisions remotely?

“Before COVID-19, these areas were all important to a company. But now, they’re mission-critical.”

Listen to the full episode here.

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