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Build your Evolution Plan to Take Back Manufacturing
  Never before has there been such immense opportunities for growth in manufacturing. We are living through a perfect storm of fresh political will driving to improve local economic and social sustainability. With local ‘take back’ initiatives and, in many cases, supporting financial incentives, now is the time to rethink of how your business processes should be structured and recapitalized. Is your business positioned to take advantage of these opportunities?

In efforts to look beyond mere survival, thriving in today's global economy demands a re-focus on improving the competitiveness of local manufacturing capability and differentiating not only your products but your entire company and brand.

This will command manufacturers follow a continuous improvement journey including a plan to implement Industry 4.0 technologies to enable our western economies to Take Back Manufacturing.

Join SHEA Global and Nigel Southway for our live webinar to learn how your company can Take Back Manufacturing. You will also learn:
  How the take back will happen within our economies and industries.
  Why Industry 4.0 is essential to take back manufacturing
  What is Industry 4.0
  Best practices with tips on getting started
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August 27, 2020
11:00 AM (PST) / 2:00 PM (EST)
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  In addition, Southern Ontario Manufacturers can qualify for funding up to $25,000 with CME’s Technology Assessment Program to assist with your efforts.