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Universal Robots “Cobots” Lead Paradigm Electronics to 50% Production Increase

Universal Robots “Cobots” Lead Paradigm Electronics to 50% Production Increase

When Paradigm Electronics launched the Midnight Cherry finish on a line of new speakers, the market quickly embraced the new product, made entirely in-house at the Mississauga-based manufacturer. But now they were faced with a challenge to quickly produce more than anticipated.

Paradigm had an industry expert with a specialty in robotics applications come in, making the company aware that collaborative robots from Universal Robots could be a solution to their challenge.

“Collaborative robots was a new technology and it led to further investigation. This kind of robot allowed us to have a human and a robot working in the same workspace. They’re now working in a pendulum type of an operation where they can safely interact, allowing the human to check whether the robot has done an adequate amount of work before the final polishing is handed over to the human. It’s a very hand-in-hand kind of operation,” says Paradigm Senior Manager of Production Services, John Phillips.

The implementation solved Paradigm’s backlog on the popular cabinets by increasing throughput by 50%, and the company is now investigating future applications for the UR robots. >> See the Video Case Study

See the Video Case Study